Wilsey Ranch American Wagyu Beef
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Raising Grass Finished American Wagyu Beef in the

Owyhee Mountains.

Women owned and operated
Born, raised, and harvested in Idaho.


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The Women

Our Story

Forty seven years ago we started out as traditional ranch but shifted because of our strong belief that in order to produce an environmentally friendly, ethical product it must start with healthy soil. This in turn developed into a grass fed and finished beef ranch. 

In 2011, Debby and late husband Ed were recognized for their many water projects, no-till planting, and pasture rotation as Owyhee Conservationist of the Year. They were also founding members of The Boise Farmers Market that prides itself on being a producers market.




100% Grass Fed American Wagyu


Our grass fed cows are raised on pasture and rotated regularly to ensure we’re taking care of them and the land. They’re never fed with GMO’s or growth hormones, given antibiotics, or grazed on artificial pesticides. In turn this creates the highest quality, nutrition packed beef for you to enjoy.

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