Wilsey Ranch American Wagyu Beef
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Grass Finished Ala Cart Cuts

Choose your comforting favorite cuts ala cart

American Wagyu Ground Beef 80/20

Flavorful premium 80/20 ground beef approx 1lb

American Wagyu 80/20 Beef Patties

A customer favorite ground beef patties are perfect for the backyard, beach or trip to the mountains. 3 patties to...

American Wagyu Stew Meat

A tried and true favorite; great for slow-cooking chili and stews. l lb

American Wagyu Short Ribs

An English style cut known for richness and meatiness. Very flavorful moist and tender best slow-cooked. Tacos,...

American Wagyu Beef Shank (Osso Bucco)

Beef shank cross cuts are cut from the hindshank or foreshank perpendicular to the bone. They are fairly thick, and...

American Wagyu Korean Style Short Ribs

A thin sliced short rib used in Asian dishes; full of flavor

American Wagyu Kabob

Cut from the sirloin perfectly prepared for the grill. Typically marinated and then grilled for a very flavorful and...

American Wagyu Beef Sausages

Made from our grass finished steers. Incased for the grill or to add to your favorite dish. We offer Brat, Hot...

American Wagyu Carne Asada

Flavorful cut from the chuck adding the perfect marbling to your dishes. Perfect for the grill or broiler

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