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Elderberry & Eucalyptus Tallow Skin Balm


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Made with Wild Elderberry's harvested from the Owyhee Mountains.
Elderberry's have the many benefits including: High in Vitamin C, High Antioxidant Power, Promotes Heart Health, Lowers Inflammation and Stress Boosts Your Immune System, Good for Respiratory and Lung Health High in Fiber, Good for Blood Sugar Management. Eucalyptus scent is relaxing that assists in relieving exhaustion, elevates mood and rejuvenates the spirit.
Tallow is packed with omega-3 fatty acids capable of nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier as well as conjugated linoleic acid the anti-inflammatory properties of which should improve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and rashes
Made from 100% American Wagyu tallow, wild elderberry's and eucalyptus essential oil

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